Student Opportunities


Spring Musicale

Spring Musicale is presented by the students of the Hanley Music studio every spring. Students have the opportunity to represent the studio and perform for friends and family at the Steinway Gallery.

Michigan Music Teachers’ Association State Competitions

Music Teachers’ National Association National Competitions

Michigan Music Teachers Association Concerto Competition

Ann Arbor Bach Association Festival
Co-sponsored by Schoolcraft College and the Ann Arbor Bach Association, the Annual Bach Festival is an event that recognizes fine piano performance and encourages excellence in piano teaching. Students through the age of 18 (and still in high school) have an opportunity to perform the music of JS Bach for an audience and receive comments from adjudicators. Judges hear all performers, and select a number of students to play again at an Honors Recital. .

Schoolcraft College Honors Recital

Schoolcraft College Sonatina/Sonata Festival

Metropolitan Detroit Musicians League Adult Recital

Metropolitan Detroit Musicians league Monthly Student Recitals

Metropolitan Detroit Musicians League Young Artist Competition

National Federation of Music Clubs Federation Festival

Livonia Area Piano Teachers Forum Honors Recital

Livonia Area Piano Teachers Forum Master Class

Livonia Area Piano Teachers Student of the Year Recital

Livonia Area Piano Teachers Forum Community Outreach Recitals

Livonia Area Piano Teachers Forum Rockin’ the Keys for Charity

Livonia Area Piano Teachers Forum Award for Piano Performance Excellence

Royal Conservatory Music Development Program

National Piano Playing Guild Auditions

Steinway Junior Artist Award Competition

Scholarship Competitions

Scholarship Competitiosn are available throughout the year.  Students may enter upon approval of the Hanley Music Studio. 





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